Educational Path Nature of the Beskids

We invite you to the Beskids - to the land of mountains, forests, meadows, streams, wild animals and human settlements. It is a place where nature intertwines with humans, yet remains wild and in many places inaccessible.

The task of the "Nature Beskids" educational path is to familiarize the walkers with selected issues related to the Beskid nature and the former inhabitants of the region. Wadowice was located at the gates of the Little Beskids, and in the surrounding forests there are many species of plants and animals.

The educational path of the Ficedula Association "Przyroda Beskidów" consists of 16 stops on the bicycle and walking trail from Wadowice to Ponikiew. There are plates with QR codes on the benches along the bicycle route, which starts behind the MKS Skawa Stadium at Błonie Street. After scanning the code with your smartphone, you will receive information about the nature of our mountains.

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About the Ficedula Association

The Ficedula Association was founded in 2021 by graduates of the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Agriculture in Krakow and their families. The mission of the association is activity for the protection of nature as well as nature and forest education of the society. The association carried out, inter alia, projects "Getting to know pollinators", "Addicted to nature!", financed from public funds. Walks around Jaroszowicka Góra take place as part of the Carpathian Local Initiative entitled "We are getting to know the nature of the Beskids".

People who would like to refer to the content of individual stops, e.g. to obtain additional information or to comment on texts, may contact the Association via the contact form or via Facebook  - F/B