The area of the municipality shows climatic diversity due to its geographical location and altitude. Average annual air temperatures vary around 6-7º C, with an average air temperature in the warmest month of July of 16.7º C and in the coldest month of January of 3.3º C. The duration of the growing season (when the number of days with an average daily temperature is not less than 5º C), lasts 180-220 days. The length of the frost-free period is close to 125 days; spring frosts are very frequent. They occur mainly in May and sometimes even as late as the beginning of June. Autumn frosts usually begin in the first decade of October, but sometimes appear as early as the second half of September. Abrupt weather changes, heavy fog and temperature spikes are common. Spring and summer are cool and rainy, while winter is relatively mild. The snow cover lasts from the end of November until March.