wadowice położenie

The town Wadowice is located in the western part of the Wieliczka Foothill, in the valley between the hills of the foothill and ranges of Beskid Mały, in the valley of the river Skawa and its geographical coordinates are approximately 19°30' north latitude and 49°53' east longitude. The town center lies at the confluence of the Skawa and Choczenka stream, at an altitude of about 270 m AMSL The area of ​​the town is diverse in terms of height, the lowest are located in the valley Skawa and Choczenka, the highest points are the hills Czumówki, Łazówki and Górnicy. The difference in altitude between the lowest and highest points situated approx. 50 m. The town  has 17 971 and community has 37 280 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2020.) The town covers an area of ​​10.6 square kilometers (1,063 hectares) and community covers an area of ​​113 square kilometers.

Wadowice plays an important role in this part of the region, there is the center of many local initiatives and a range of more than regional center of administration, culture and education, the seat of the municipal authorities, as well as the county. Through the Municipality runs two important routes of national importance, crossing in Wadowice, the route Kraków - Bielsko-Biała as a national road K-52 and Oświęcim - Sucha Beskidzka, running through the district as part of the national road K-28 Zator - Medyka (National border). Distance from Wadowice to the province capital, Krakow is 52 km.

The geographical coordinates by GPS:  49° 53' 8"  E: 19° 29' 28".