Galician Wadowice

The Galician Wadowice mobile application is an audio-guide on the Wadowice trail that connects 13 places related to the history of the town. The application is developed in 3 language versions - Polish, English and German, and has the audodescription function in Polish.

The guide works based on geolocation and allows you to plan a route to a specific point. After reaching the designated place, the application automatically plays the audio commentary. A Galician cab driver guides you through the individual points on the trail. Additionally, the places are illustrated with photos and descriptions. The application is also enriched with a field game with the possibility of gamification.

The Galician Wadowice mobile application can be downloaded for free on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and is available in Google Play stores and the App Store.

How to install?

Just click on the banners below depending on the type of system installed on your phone and go to the appropriate mobile application store.


The application can also be downloaded using the following QR code:

  AppStore          GooglePlay